The best guacamole is made from the best avocado’s. In Mexico our guacamole is produced from the Hass avocado. Of course we can argue about taste, but the Hass avocado is creamier than its competitors with a surprisingly nut flavor. The Florida avocado contains more water and is therefore less suitable for guacamole. Due to its taste, size, shelf life, high growth yield, the Hass cultivar is the most popular avocado in the world. Corny Bakers has been importing guacamole from Mexico for many years and markets it under its own brand name. The Guacamole is processed under high pressure (High Pressure Processing) and can therefore be kept in the refrigerator (max. 4 degrees) after thawing for 45 days in unopened packaging.

About Mexican Wholesale Corny Bakers

Mexican wholesaler Corny Bakers has been an established name in Europe for Mexican food products and a wide range of Mexican items since 1972. Mexican wholesaler Corny Bakers’ products are largely imported from Mexico and the United States. In the Netherlands  a number of products are specially and exclusively produced for Corny Bakers under their own brand name. Corny Bakers supplies a large number of renowned Mexican brands under its own private label. Years of coöperator with a wholesaler in herbs, has also resulted in our own herb and seasonings range.

Corny Bakers has the necessary certifications, so you can be sure that all delivered products meet the strictest requirements and regulations. Mexican wholesaler Corny Bakers supplies wholesalers and restaurateurs throughout Europe, Turkey and the Middle East. In addition to the extensive food range, Corny Bakers also offers drinks such as Mexican beers, tequila, various liqueurs and wines. Last but not least, Mexican wholesaler Corny Bakers also sells an extensive range of non-food items.



Western Guacamole

Wraps with Guacamole, Garlic, Onion, Coriander, Tomatoes and Jalapeño Peppers.

Pico de Gallo Guacamole

Minced Meat Dish with Guacamole, Minced Meat, Onion, Iceberg Lettuce, and Jalapeño Peppers.

California Supreme Guacamole

Crispy Tacos with guacamole, chicken fillet, onion, iceberg lettuce, and jalapeño peppers.

Avocado Pulp

Nachos with guacamole, garlic, black beans, corn kernels and jalapeño peppers.